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Our essential oil soap is a mild lathering extreme moisturizing bar of soap with the benefits of essential oils to the skin and body. We use a susstainable palm oil with gylcerin and shea butter to bring to you a soap base with a massaging oil feel. They contain no surfactants, will not dry out or crack, and will last longer than most store bought soaps. Each bar is shrink wrapped to stay fresh for when you are ready to use it. 


All ingredients are from vegetable based sources. No fatty oils or dairy. . . 


Essential oils are volatile oils, which means they dissipate quickly in the air. By using a hot process to make our essential oil soap, we can cut and wrap them in just a few days time as compaired to the 6-8 weeks it takes for cold process soap. This keeps the essential oil in the soap for when you are ready to use them. Because of shrink wrapping, our soaps been freshly opened for up to two years. We do recommend using them within a year. . 


Our essential oil soap is handcrafted and hand cut. There may be a slight difference in cut and color shade of each bar. Each bar is  2.75" round x 1" and around 4oz. at the time of cutting.